17 June 2008

Special delivery

Even at 7:10 with the doors and windows closed to the early morning cold, I could hear it coming. By the time I stepped onto the deck the Otter was descending into the breeze coming out of the north and lining up for a landing just outside the mouth of the cove.

Flights from Bissett to the lodge are pricey; extra trips – flying one way or the other empty – are studiously avoided. So, in truth, the new red boat strapped to the strut wasn’t a special delivery. It, along with food and fuel, was unloaded and deposited on (or by in the case of the boat) the dock and six departing guests climbed aboard for the return flight.

But, a boat, red or otherwise, isn’t an everyday sight. I have to wonder about the plane’s performance in flight with the extra bulk on that side.

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