27 April 2012


Yesterday was simply one of those days.  I like the word "charmed."  In actuality, nothing extraordinary went on ... nothing noteworthy for anyone but me, and probably Tal.  But, it was our day and I was aware every minute of that fact and that I was both aware and engaged. 

No, you don't have to endure any minute-by-minute details (or to decide not to wade through a long essay about it).  Rather, I'll let two images made just before we came inside for supper do the talking.  We had walked to the water's edge to put out corn for the reclusive wood ducks who reside at the head of the pond -- and who have eggs in the two duck boxes.  The sun was low in the sky and the clouds were dramatic.  I looked out -- and then I looked straight up.

This is a portion of the westward view.

This dizzying sight is of the clouds casting shadows on themselves.
 (West is at the bottom of the image.)

Icing on our cake ...