13 June 2008

At home on Family Lake

When we parked the car at the base this morning, the trip odometer read 2018.7 miles. Let me be clear about one thing if nothing else: it will be nice not to drive again for 10 days.

No, it’s not the same here. Our pilot flew us over the falls and the lodge before setting the Otter down on Family Lake this morning and my sense of sadness nearly overwhelmed me. The last time we made that tight, sharply banked turn we were flying out, having just said goodbye to the Harristhals. This visit, a year later, Chickie and Pat aren’t here. But, the folks who are here are doing everything in their power to make it OK for the repeat customers and there is joy to be had always. So, we moved in, unpacked, rigged up our gear and went fishing. And, we caught fish. Here is Tal holding my 19-inch walleye.

And, once again, the weather. We started out in a favorite, easy-to-get-to spot, Spring Fever Bay. The visibility is very good in that part of the lake and we were able to watch a storm build until we knew we needed to head back to camp. (The storm composing itself is what Tal is looking at while holding my fish.) Sure enough! We made it back without getting wet; the rain has been steady ever since. This part of the world, like the southern part of the United States, has been in urgent need of rain this spring. The water level here is low for this time of year. It will be interesting to watch the edges rise and expand as a result of the rains of the past week or so.

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