29 June 2008

Taking water to Manitoba's dust

I washed the car yesterday afternoon. Not that it needed it.

This was our sixth trip to Shining Falls. Four times we've driven the distance. Twice we've flown either to Fargo or to Winnipeg, which required renting a vehicle to get us to the air base in Bissett, 97 miles from Winnipeg. Six times we've driven that last long 37 miles on a terrible dirt and gravel road, the dust during dry weather so fine and thick that it invades the interior of the car. Always all our luggage has to be vacuummed before we can bring it into the house.

Most of the dust, even that surrounding the doors, the trunk lid and the hood, is gone now ... until next year.

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Unknown said...

Seems somewhat a shame to deny your car the revel in memory.