07 June 2008

A long day

The alarm clock went off at 5:30 this morning and I sprang from bed like a thing possessed. The coffee was ready by the time Tal's son, Bruce, arrived for their every-other-week visit at 5:50.

While they talked and relined reels for our trip to Shining Falls, I plowed forward with the letter project for my seminary class, running into faulty e-mail addresses and mailboxes that couldn't handle the size of the PDF, ending up making more hard copies than I'd really wanted to and addressing 30+ envelopes. It's so easy to decide that collecting and distributing a set of letters is a great idea -- and it is, but actually getting it together here on the kitchen counter has taken more time than I anticipated it would. If I were still working I don't know that it would ever have made it into cyberspace and/or to the post office. A drop in at the home of new neighbors dragged us both, happily, from our chores and into a welcome social setting for a couple of hours in the early evening.

It's been a rather long day. But, we're closer to being ready to leave on Monday than we were at the alarm some 15 hours ago.

It's only 10:05, but the bed awaits and I'm listing in that direction. Signing off.

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