20 June 2008

The photos say it all

We arrived here at Shining Falls one week ago today. Aside from sleeping, which for both of us has been long and deep each night, fishing and monitoring the weather has taken up most of our time. And, we’ve done both of those things today.

Starting out in Tal’s Channel (yes, it’s printed on the map, I promise), the Tarbox Guide Service kept the passenger in the front of the boat rather busy. In this photo Tal is sitting in the bow of the boat because the fish he’s showing off to the camera managed to wrap itself around the anchor rope while it was being caught.

Impending rain sent us back to the cabin for lunch. Here is a view through Tal’s Channel at the gathering clouds as we readied ourselves for our departure.

When the skies cleared, we made our first venture to the river this trip. Being the boat operator en route to that location requires extra attention as the currents are strong. In fact, the feeling I get motoring through the current reminds me of having the traction control on the car activate. Where we fish (in a spot called Myron’s Current) puts us in no danger of going “over” the falls, but the sound of the falls is very close and very loud.

And, again … the guide service did pretty well. Folks at the lodge – other guests and the staff -- are well aware that Mr LeGrand has it pretty good!

Plus, the photographer’s finally learned to use flash to “see” under the bill of Tal’s hat, although that strategy seems to do strange things to the sky.

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