06 June 2008

Back to Gravatt

Unbelievable. I had a call back!

After the Sunday morning Eucharist at family camp, that lovely, breezy morning at the outdoor chapel, the camp and conference center executive director e-mailed to ask if I would conduct an altar guild tutorial for the camp staff who will be assisting visiting clergy over the summer. We, seven of us under the blessed ceiling fans, enjoyed an energetic hour together in the open-air Collett dining hall this morning, learning the names of items (the placemat thingy is a corporal; the plate is a paten) and thinking through how Gravatt's outdoor chapel works. Such fun. And, I'm so glad to play a small part in the start up of the camping season.

To know more about Gravatt, follow this link:

I was home before 11:30 to shift gears for lunch with a former parishioner whose birthday today is and then spent the afternoon tending the washer and dryer AND wrestling with the iron. But, as I'm making my way to bed and a night of rest, I can happily say that the laundry's done.

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