05 June 2008

Making a PDF

I spent much of the day working on a compilation of letters from my Virginia Seminary classmates to distribute as a single document as we move beyond the 16th anniversary of our graduation. And, the plan was that the distribution would happen via e-mail in as many cases as possible.

Mid-way through the project, just as I was preparing to turn the Publisher document into a DPF (portable document format) which allows a large document to become an e-mail attachment, when I realized that the necessary software was on the computer Tal and I gave to the church when I retired. Stopped in my tracks.

A 45-mile round trip to Aiken and the closest office supply and I was back in the groove. At the moment, with the PDF made, I'm too tired to proofread 60 e-mail addresses! That eye-crossing activity -- and the end of this project -- will have to happen tomorrow.

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