14 June 2008

Saturday on the water

Spring has come late to this part of the world. After a partly sunny morning of pretty good fishing we nestled the boat into a “V” in the shoreline within sight of the backside of the lodge to eat our lunch. And, watch yet another storm brew.

Just as I took this picture, Tal suggested it might be in our best interest to head in. We made it back to our dock and into the cabin before it hit -- with a single, mighty crash of thunder and sudden lashing rain.

When the storm ended a couple hours later, I busied myself bailing four inches of water out of the boat. The remaining yellow line of pollen marking the high water level in the transom reminds me of the ring left in a tub after a bath.

We went out twice more today – in the mid-afternoon and again after supper, both times staying close and managing to avoid getting wet. Snug in the cabin with a fire going for much of day two, we’re farther into our books than we’d imagined we’d be. But, snug and happy we are.

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