09 June 2008

Breakfast in central time

We have landed in Warrenton MO, west of St Louis, for our first night on the road, walking to supper and back in a light rain. The big fluffy bed looks so comfortable. I know the writing vs sleeping tug-of-war will be a short battle, and I can declare a winner already.

It was an early start -- wake up at 3:30 and on the road by 4:00, leaving home with coffee in travel mugs. Our plan to make getting through Atlanta a top priority was a good one, I think, although we could have left home 30 minutes earlier and had an easier time of it. On the other hand, we arrived at Chattanooga in time for the end of that Monday morning rush. So, an earlier start wouldn't have helped anything.

The traffic aside, however, Lookout Mountain's looming presence and the Tennessee River's great curve through town were worth the trip from Edgefield. At 9:00 my driving for the day ended with 311 miles behind us (whew) when we stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House on I-24's Exit 152 (Kimball TN). It was as those welcome cups of coffee steamed in our faces that we realized it was only 8:00. The day was still young!

We arrived here having travelled 789 miles. No wonder the bed looks so beguiling.

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