01 October 2010

A lot of not a whole lot

Here at the end of day two and after hundreds of miles in the car I am left with many disconnected impressions, but with no story in particular. We are in Weatherford OK for the night, a small town boasting the first wind farm we’ve seen along our route. It’s a logical spot for such, the prevailing wind obvious from the interstate, wind sheer bending the scrubby trees from south to north.

After getting around Memphis and over the Mississippi River (oh, the bridges!) during Friday morning rush hour with clenched teeth-to-toes (but without incident), we stopped at the Arkansas welcome center to regroup for the day. The attendant offered us a travel book about the state which we asked her to keep since we were simply passing through.

As the miles flew by, we saw much more uninhabited land than we did settlement and the terrain changed almost as fast as we moved. I want to soak it all in; I don’t want to forget one single scene. To that end, I’m sad to report that, given our unbroken hours of westward movement, my photographic efforts have been reduced to the cell phone from a moving car. And, I don’t even know how to download those (probably pitiful) images to the computer – lucky for you.

Day Two
Four States: Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma
612 miles

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