04 October 2010

Desert rain

Well, Tal has always said that when he visits the desert it rains.

Rumbles of thunder and the flickers of lightening which penetrated the blinds in our room woke me during the pre-dawn hours of the night, but the day dawned warm and sunny. Our breakfast was great, at the Bear Paw Cafe, highly recommended by the folks at the College Inn. Two meals in a row of eating slowly, not needing to get on the road, both of them at actual tables.

St George is a lovely town, our morning walk to breakfast a confirmation of what we had seen during our dusk and nighttime strolls to and from supper. Clean; set out on a grid; lots of grass and interesting art, mostly sculpture; strong architecture, rather New England in flavor. Since our group is scheduled to check in between 3:00 and 6:00 this afternoon, we had every intention of taking advantage of "A Stroll through History: Historic St George Downtown Walking Tour" during the day. But, first, a nap and some reorganizing of our travel gear.

It's now 11:00AM and it's pouring, a deluge. In the desert. I just heard one of the staff say that the forecast calls for rain the next four days.

No walking tour for us. Tal's batting a thousand, it seems.

This photograph was taken right after breakfast in the St George town square. The back corner of the Mormon Tabernacle (not the one with the choir) can been seen on the right behind the fountain and the area's signature sandstone bluffs immediately to the tabernacle's left. And, check out those clouds ...

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