18 October 2010

Hell bent

After I wrote the title for this post I took a  moment to check out what the dictionary had to say about the term.  "Impetuously or recklessly determined to do or achieve something" is the definition given by The Free Dictionary on line.  So, OK, maybe hell bent is a little strong, especially considering Tal's former career.  Let's say we are intent -- intent on getting home.  Hell bent is edgier, though.  And, a catchier title.

We drove from Shawnee OK to New Albany MS -- and the same hotel we stayed in on the trip west -- without incident yesterday and arrived here just before 4:00 to be greeted by an energetic desk clerk and to find our room ready, the key cards already coded.  Not having stopped for lunch (well, maybe I'll rethink the hell bent thing), we didn't even go to the room, but set out to find a late afternoon meal -- which is hard in New Albany on a Sunday.  Having done Wendy's last night, Captain D's anyone?  As Tal said, after the fact, it was quick and satisfying.

Now that we're east of the Mississippi (negotiating Memphis on a Sunday morning is a good thing, by the way), I am missing the long vistas and the long trains.  And, roadside trash, sadly, seems to be a deep south thing.

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