04 July 2012


The editing process for the photographs I made on our recent historic waterways trip has provided most of my post on this 4th of July.  I ended up with more images of the American flag than I'd realized as we traveled from Warren RI to Chicago IL for a couple of reasons.  First, it was windy and the flags were doing more than simply hanging there.  Second, I was playing with shutter speed, fast enough that I could handhold the camera and have stationary objects clearly in focus and slow enough to convey a sense of movement.  Flags were just the thing ...

Enjoy the flag waving and happy Independence Day.

at the locks, Oswego NY

Post Cemetery at Fort Ontario, Oswego NY

the Grande Mariner on Lake Ontario
between Oswego NY and Rochester NY

the Grande Mariner on Lake Erie
approaching Cleveland OH
(on a very windy day)

Cleveland OH

the Grande Mariner on Lake Erie
between Cleveland OH and Wyandotte MI

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
at the mouth of Lake Huron

The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island MI

The Field Museum, Chicago IL

The Field Museum, Chicago IL

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