18 July 2012

So simple

The author of a blog I follow joined Toastmasters earlier this year.  Last week it was her turn to make an introductory speech.  When it was over, she posted the text to her blog.  It made for interesting, even entertaining, reading.  I wish I'd heard her deliver it.

She works full time.  Her husband is in graduate school.  Together they run a small farm and are raising four children.  In her speech she matter of factly referred to all that activity and responsibility as comprising a simple life. 

Are there challenges?  Of course.  Does she have her moments?  Without doubt.  Does it sometimes not feel so simple?  I would imagine. 

But, as I read it, she -- and they -- have sifted through all the stuff of life and have concluded that this is what we are about, this is who we are: making their work meaningful, nurturing children to adulthood, loving where they are.  Their activities are chosen pretty carefully to fit, sometimes loosely, within those parameters.  Looked at that way, it is, indeed, pretty simple -- even while cars give up, bills pile up, children (and adults) mess up.

I am glad for her clarity and wisdom.  I'm glad she gave that speech.

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