05 July 2012

See her as she flies

4:30, Sunday morning, 3 June
enroute to Manitowoc WI
I have to laugh at myself.  For several nights this week I have come awake enough to acknowledge that our bedroom was bathed in a soft light cast by the setting moon.  It never crossed my mind to get up and go outside, much less to find the camera as I went. 

Last month's experience was markedly different.  For June's full moon it didn't occur to me not to go out for a better look.  Aboard the Grande Mariner sailing Lake Michigan I couldn't get out on deck fast enough.

Lake Michigan versus Country Club Pond.  Being away versus being at home.  The novelty of places I've not been before versus a certain nonchalance, even a dreariness, for the familiar. 

No laughing matter really.  I think like myself more when I'm away from home.  In fact, I know I do.  I feel more interesting and interested, and maybe I am.  An experiment seems in order.  To look at my everyday surroundings with the same energy I do the places we explore in our travelers.  Something just might come of the effort of seeing home through a traveler's eyes.   

2:30, Monday morning, 4 June
approaching Chicago

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