30 July 2012

Could have been worse

To catch you up.  Here at the first of a new week Tal and I are in a cool house, breathing deeply of  well conditioned air -- and of relief.  Our Friday triple threat could have been so much worse.

So, first, the dishwasher.  Yes, indeed, it has to be replaced.  The plumber gave us that news late Friday afternoon.  He and his assistant took it to the recycling dump, saving us the task of (somehow) getting it into the back of the truck -- and out again.  For now, I'm washing dishes by hand.  The leak was a slow drip; the hardwood floor will dry.

The HVAC technician arrived Saturday afternoon after the air temperature in the house passed 90 degrees.  Our hero.  Talk about appreciated!  The system is fine.  A failed condenser in the compressor was all it took to send us into the sweltersphere.   I watched Tal's whole being relax as that news was delivered.  Several hundred dollars sure is better than several thousand.  Two down.

And, third, the car.  Specifically, that little pool of pink on the garage floor.  We dropped the car at the Ford dealership early this morning.  I know it's time to replace it, but I'd so been hoping to make it to 200,000 miles.  But, a new transmission isn't in its cards.  Sorry. 

The road home
The call came before noon.  As I answered, caller ID having given me a heads up, my heavy heart was in direct contrast to the cheerful voice of the service manager.  Nothing more than a couple of loose bolts at the transmission pan.  It took only $35.00 to reclaim that pretty spruce green vehicle.  I loved driving it home.  That 200,000 mile goal is looking pretty good again.

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