25 July 2012

So simple, part two

It's a little thing.

Wednesday is laundry day.  I actually look forward to it.  The only thing that is difficult about the entire process is folding the sheets.

Mind you, I do know how.  There is something ever so satisfying about a folded, squared up, finished set of sheets and pillowcases ready to be put away.  But, of all the actions that give my back a fit folding the sheets has come to be the worst.

A solution (which is now into week three)?

As soon as the dryer finishes, I put the freshly laundered sheets right back on the bed.  Still warm, they smooth ever so nicely.

I may grow tired of this set eventually and decide on a change of color.  But, for the moment this shade of cream is just fine.  And, until then I am grateful to be less uncomfortable come the end of laundry day. 

Trouble is, the longer I do this the more likely it is that I will end up wondering why I thought we had to have multiple sets of sheets for each bed.  The "more is better thing," I suppose.

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