21 July 2012

In my dreams

I had a dream in the night.  Must have been sparked by a graveside funeral Tal and I will attend later today.  But, the service I attended in the dream was inside, not outside.  It was in a large church, but it wasn't a Methodist Church.  The deceased is Methodist.  It was in an Episcopal Church.  Not too surprising, I guess. 

There was a huge choir and I knew the choir director. Had to stop myself from waving.  But, when my friend is not in my dreams, she doesn't "do" music. 

The choir sang a familiar hymn, what I would call a big hymn -- good harmony, one people will really sing.  (You have to include hymns like that at funerals).  Well, the choir sang the first verse.  Then, the congregation joined in on the second.  Not very Episcopalian, if you ask me.

My friend who was the choir director, who isn't really, explained that we were supposed to read the words to the final verse and think about them.  The guy sitting next to me had a camera with him.  He didn't meditate.  He fiddled with the camera controls instead. 

In the middle of all that I woke up before the alarm.  Not rested.  I think I'm worried.  Dying's on my mind.  The guy whose funeral is this afternoon.  All those people in Colorado.  People who are closer to me.  And, of course, me too.

My friend who doesn't do music.  What was she doing there? 

What do I not do that I should?  I wonder.

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