23 July 2012

I see it backwards

It's a long story.  Left handed.  That's part of it. 

Before I learned better, I used to open books from the back.  My piano teacher was a little surprised when I tried playing the treble line with my left hand and the bass with my right.  And, my poor mother will never forget discovering "TENAJ" written in crayon on the paper box at the head of the driveway.  (I won't go into how energetically I denied having done the writing ...)

Lots of times I see things backwards.

so -- end of introduction -- on to this morning

I woke up right on time and knew in an instant that I wasn't quite up to par.  Nothing in particular wrong.  Didn't feel sick.  Just didn't feel good or energetic.  Talking myself out of the almost daily walk turned into an unexpectedly divisive internal battle.

Eventually, the walker in me and the photographer in me won.  The camera and I made the walk, but with a twist.  I would ride to Pine Ridge Club when Tal went over for his 9:00 tee time.

When we arrived, the parking space next to the golf pro was open.  A staunch Clemson fan, he drives an open Jeep which declares, coming and going, his devotion to South Carolina's major upstate school.

And, this morning, it happened again.  I saw it backwards.  I was delighted.  I felt better.


Melissa said...

From one left handed person to another: "Go Tigers!"

Melissa said...
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