27 July 2012

The rule of threes

Is it really a rule?  The thing about threes?  The first time I heard it was in reference to deaths coming in threes.  Made me shudder and dismiss the entire idea -- entirely.  Silly superstition.  Nothing more.

But, then there's the Trinity, the faith's one god in relationship with itself .  There's water, ice and vapor.  Most decorators would tell you to group things in threes.  Well, at least in odd-numbered groups.

Today I thought about the rule of threes.

We've had a little leak in the kitchen for the past several days.  Just a little bead of moisture along the toe-moulding between the dishwasher and the angled counter.  The offender?  Number one suspect: the dishwasher.  After some delay (and a time of hand-washing dishes), the plumber arrived this afternoon.  We were right.  The plumber and his assistant hauled the guilty appliance out of the house for us.  They will return when we have its replacement on the premises.  In the meantime?  Suds and hot water for me!

The car needed to be moved so they could get the dishwasher through the garage.  Oh, dear.  A telltale little pool of pink where the car had been.  Transmission fluid.  The car has an appointment with the Ford dealership on Monday morning.

Deep breath.  So far so good.  It's all OK.

After supper, though, I thought it seemed unusually warm in the house.  Thermostat set at 78 degrees.  81 in the house.  The HVAC folks -- called on a Friday evening -- will get here when they can.  It's going to be warm here for the next little while.

Surely there won't be anything else ...  Ending with three will suit me just fine.  

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