11 March 2011

Wrung out

This photograph of my work gloves drying on the handles of the edger in our garden house pretty much describes my state as I write this post.  It's been a good day, don't get me wrong.  But, it's been an emotionally and physically challenging day.

I had a long conversation with a friend this morning at a beautiful old Methodist Church in Ridge Spring.  It was a meeting that, to quote my favorite prayer in the Book of Common Prayer, demanded my "best efforts."  My friend's a deep and fearless thinker.  Being a companion to her in her spiritual inquiries requires that I be present, attentive and prayerful, a state that takes energy, an energy I am happy to give.
In the back of my mind, and set aside for that meeting, was concern.  My niece, by brother's oldest child, is in Hawai'i.  When I left the house for Ridge Spring, the news out of Japan was terrible and the warnings for the Pacific, the islands and the west coasts of South and North America dire.  My brother didn't know his daughter's status when I left for Ridge Spring.*

The pine grove beckoned when I arrived home.  I worked two hours -- thinning and limbing, stopping when Tal came home from his golf round to spend some time with him, to rest and to enjoy a little lunch.  Then, we both went back out for another three hours.  We are making great progress; there is an end in sight.  At least to this heavy manual labor. 

The real sight to behold is the size of the pile we are creating.  It's a green Everest much taller than Tal.  Now it takes his using a pitch fork to launch the refuse to the top.  Fortunately, our county has a DHEC-approved compost facility where our mountain will go when we're finished adding to it -- and end up providing many rich soil several years from now.

Tonight I am a good, satisfied tired.

*  My niece is safe and headed to the west coast.

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