29 March 2011

Some dogs ...

Three days of rain and having to stay inside was more than Whitby could stand.  When this morning dawned clear and cold he and Belle went outside after their breakfast and snooped around the yard for a long, long time.  Tal decided to investigate and this is what he found!

A very dirty, but extremely happy, dog.  His entire body looks like his face.

Our weeks working in the pine grove have revealed numerous deep holes -- left when a pine tree died or was cut and the stump rotted over the years.  Both dogs love finding them and upending themselves in them.  Precisely what Whitby did this morning.  An activity made even more glorious by the recent rain.

I started to give Whitby a bath immediately.  But, since Tal's going to work outside today while I do inside tasks, we decided waiting would be a good thing. 

A bath is not hard; we have a deep utility sink in the laundry room.  The real trick will be keeping Whitby from shaking while still wearing muddy bubbles.  He does that and the entire room -- and I -- will look like he does in the photograph.

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