14 March 2011

Row your boat

Today was a day of simple firsts.
  • The Tevas came off the shelf so my toes could revel in the warm air along with the rest of me.
  • Whitby and Belle (in an effort to send a message to that pesky German shepherd across the pond, I suppose) both ended up in the water -- Whitby up to his belly and Belle in for a real swim.  They were banished to the garage until they dried.   
  • Tal and I lifted the canoe off the rack and put it in the water before supper.
  • While on the pond, I caught a fish -- a small and eager bass, my first of 2011.
Oh, and we drive to McCormick this morning to deliver our tax materials to the accountant.

Yesterday was great. Today was better.  What else can I say?

The far end of Country Club Pond as seen from the front of the canoe late this afternoon.
The brilliantly red trees are maples.

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