13 March 2011

Saving time

What a fabulous day.  The first thing I remember?  Being surprised as I awoke that it was just getting light and that it was nearly 8:00.  It'll take a day or so to reset my inner clock.  Or, if I need a stronger remedy, I could break down and set an alarm. 

It was sunny and warm, our warmest day so far.  That we wore heavy shirts and jackets on our walk in the Congaree Swamp just yesterday seemed rather distant and odd.  We opened the windows across the back of the house and used enjoyed the screened porch through the afternoon. 

In the late afternoon we strolled the promenade and up through the pine grove in which we've been spending so much time of late.  Tal -- bless him ... I was still in need of an image for the day -- spotted tiny flowers on low trashy plants we'd not yet cut down.  They were bare green stalks all winter and, not remembering them at all, we were holding off to see what they were going to do.

Suddenly today there's a profusion of urn-shaped blossom at the ends of each sprig and branch.  Leaves are just beginning to emerge.  I'm hopeful we'll be able to identify it, but I don't think even a name will save the vast majority of the low shrubs through the grove.

I don't know that we saved any time today, but I sure didn't want it to end.

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