04 March 2011

High, thin clouds

Rain was suggested for today.  I didn't go to bed counting on it last night, but whether our little part of the world was wet was the first thought I had when my eyes opened this morning.  As I wandered around the house doing the coffee and breakfast routine, I was struck by the light in the dining room.  I stepped out onto the front walk to feel the day and to determine the source of the light.  It was not raining and the sun was not out, but the morning was luminous, the clouds thin and very high.  The air smelled damp.

I wasn't through with the dining room.  The shamrock had begun to bloom while we were in Savannah.  Its fragile-looking, pale pink-to-purple blossoms were bathed in that wonderful, magical light.  I put the macro lens on the camera, man-handled the tripod into submission and spent some enjoyable time in a 1:1 world, looking very closely at those flowers.


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