03 March 2011

Such a lot of world to see

What a true line that is -- such a lot of world to see.  It sets my heart to singing.  Tal and I -- "two drifters off to see the world," especially in the years since I retired, are doing what we can to get as much seeing the world in as we can.

My menu and a view of
the table from our meal
at the Moon River Brew-
ing Company last night
We have learned alot about Savannah since Sunday afternoon, from those who founded Savannah and those who are today's leaders to unique geographical features and architectural landmarks.  The fact that has delighted me the most, though, is learning the name Johnny Mercer and its wonderful associations. 

I had been wondering about the references I'd seen to Moon River -- a restaurant, an actual river, a bike rental enterprise.  Every time I saw one of those references I heard Andy Williams' voice.  Johnny Mercer wrote Moon River (which, contrary to my long-time misguided belief has nothing to do with the the Mississippi or Huckleberry Finn) and more songs than I can grasp.  I grew up on many of them.  Sweetly, his wife's grave marker includes the words "you must have been a beautiful baby."

The newly reclaimed Ellis Square, the heart of Savannah's downtown and an increasingly popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike, includes a charming statue of this favoite son.

Heartwarming.  And, appropriate, I'd say. 

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