17 March 2011

A grind of (internal) gears

Tal's family -- siblings and cousins -- gathers almost monthly for lunch and time together.  It's an occasion to which Tal looks forward.  I appreciate how deliberate they are about staying in regular contact.  We make it more often than not.  In February the group assembled at Susie's home near Hopkins and this month Tal's sister, Pam, offered to host.

Last night, since it was mid-month already and we'd not yet heard a date, Tal made a telephone call and learned that the gathering was, indeed, scheduled -- for tomorrow (that is, today).  Tal was surprised, almost speechless, but only momentarily, chatting for several minutes and promising that we'd see everyone in the morning.

I, on the other hand, didn't do so admirably.  With my bottom lip poked out over having not been included/invited/wanted (the usual mental stuff I start with) the screeching I was hearing in my head was the internal braking and u-turn I'd gone into over all the things I had planned for today and wasn't now going to get done (also part of the usual).  And, for about 20 irrational, all-self-righteous minutes, I considered not going.  Staying irked and making Tal go alone, though, wouldn't do anyone any good, so off we went to Sumter at 10:00 this morning.

Arriving shortly after noon, we thought it odd that, while the front door was open in welcome, the driveway was empty.  Evidently, when the date had been set, we weren't the only ones not notified!

In the end we had a very nice lunch with two of Tal's sisters and a cousin.  The 225 mile round trip pretty much did me in, though.  Enough for one day.  I'm giving it up for the night. 

We're hosting in April.  Do I need to say I going to design a little postcard?

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