07 March 2011

Bumper sticker theology

Today has been pretty terrific.  And, I managed to comply with this directive (above) which I saw on a car parked near Johnson Square in Savannah last week. 

A good breakfast was followed by putting the kitchen in order and making the bed.  I saw a directee during the late morning and then prepared lunch for Tal who had been working in the pine grove.  While he rested after lunch, I wrote several notes, responded to emails and made telephone calls.  Then, we both went to the pine grove for the remainder of the afternoon.  Preparing supper (delicious, if I say so myself), making my image of the day -- a macro of a wasp nest I found in the pine grove, and reading the paper finished things up.

None of today's activities were particularly important, but they were all good stuff, all honorable, engaging pursuits.  And, most of them afforded me the chance to be aware of my surroundings, to enjoy being alive and to think.

Think.  About?  The friends to whom I'd written notes earlier in the day, the middle east, fuel prices, civil discourse, strands of songs that floated into mind as I clipped, lopped and hauled, the book I'm reading.  And, appropriately, a second bumper sticker I saw in Savannah, this one on a car at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Considering myself warned ...

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