13 December 2008


Today has been full, a typical Saturday given the proximity of Christmas. It's on days like this that I am especially aware of the gift of retirement. Were it not for that I would have spent the day writing sermons, crafting bulletins, attending meetings, desperately not sending Christmas cards again this year, trying to cram in meal planning for Christmas guests. I won't go on. Instead, this pre-Christmas time includes shopkeeping for both Edgefield Regional Arts and the Art Association of Ridge Spring, sending personally designed cards, listening to Christmas music, deliberately, here at home.

And, today I attended a vine wreath-making class taught by a former parishioner, sponsored by and held at the National Wild Turkey Federation here in Edgefield. It was a great event, inspiring the creativity of everyone who participated. My finished wreath is shown here, with apologies for the photograph. The wreath itself is comprised of a number of different kinds of vine: grape, yellow Jessamine, wisteria, and the decoration includes cedar, holly, boxwood and cones from a white pine on the golf course at Pine Ridge Plantation.

Tal was genuinely surprised when I brought the wreath out of the trunk. I'd love to know what he really expected I'd produce and bring home.

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