06 December 2008

Fleece and silk

Already this season I am unapologetically tired of being cold. And, it's only December 6th.

This afternoon I hosted in a seasonal gallery in Ridge Spring SC. I am in awe of the talent in this quiet, rural part of the world. The items on display and for sale ranged from painted goards to watercolors, from stained glass and mosaics to photographs and jewelry, from collage to pen and ink. It took me about a quarter of an hour to move through the room, appreciating each item.

But, the gallery is in an old school. I like to say it's a building that looks like a school is supposed to look. A flawless way of dating myself, I might add. The building is owned by Ridge Spring and has no heat. The temperature when I arrived at 1:30 this afternoon was in the low 50s, the sun shone through thin clouds. It was warmer out than in. Standing on the porch to watch a train move through town provided several minutes of relief.

By 3:00, however, the cloud cover had thickened and any reassurance the sun, weak as it was, had provided dissipated. A space heater warmed the spot where I was to sit, but not well. Walking the oval pathway through the gallery did little to build up internal steam. I was cold. Four o'clock and closing time's coming was such a relief.

I own Polartec outerwear and LL Bean silk underware. That will just have to be my gallery uniform. Unstylish and warm. It beats today's well-dressed but frosty alternative.

PS You do know that come summer I'll complain about the heat too, don't you?

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