28 December 2008

Leftovers ... yum

I've been in the kitchen a lot since Tal and I arrived home on Christmas morning! A lot.

Christmas dinner, if I do say so myself, was great. I had never prepared a country ham, an event requiring days of soaking and changing water, hours and hours of boiling and a final baking prior to its presentation. The day after Christmas Tal's son came to fish with his dad and to visit with his sister. For that, since it was another cold, damp day, I cooked up a nice thick warming black bean soup. Then, yesterday, Bruce and his wife, Deborah, were invited for lunch. The centerpiece of that meal was a chicken, mozzerella cheese, tomato, dressing casserole.

Today, slighty tired and more than slightly uninspired, I simply heated up all our options, displayed them on the kitchen counter and we dug in! Yams, macaroni and cheese, chicken, ham, rolls were augmented with a crisp green salad. We feasted. And, finished up several dishes.

Having leftovers seems to be the reward for having cooked. So worth it.

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