29 December 2008

Eating out

Over the months since I retired (gee, it's been nearly 11 already), Tal and I have eaten out less-and-less frequently. The economic turn-down of the second half of the year definitely boosted that eat-at-home trend. The Christmas holiday has been quiet and during Susan's visit, we have done nothing different.

We changed that today just prior to her departure. I went off mid-morning to officiate a burial, returning shortly after noon. After I changed from my black suit and collar we drove into Edgefield for the mid-day meal. While Edgefield is known for its pottery and is enjoying a developing art colony reputation, the most fascinating spot in town is the Edgefield Billiard Parlor.

It's not unusual for the most unkempt construction worker to be sitting at the counter next to the mayor, both of them calling greetings to folks streaming through the door. Three pool tables inhabit the back of the dimly lit space and the dingy walls are covered with yellowing tributes to Strom Thurmond; Clemson, Carolina, Georgia and local high school football; the establishment's founding (and continuing) family. The menu is severely limited. If you don't want a hamburger, a hotdog, or chicken strips for an entree, you don't want to eat there.

But, the hamburgers are delicious. And, I always add very indulgent onion rings and then carefully finish off my order with a diet Coke. Go figure.

Even thougth Susan wishes we lived somewhere she wanted to visit, I think she enjoyed her lunch. And, whether she realizes it or not, she has experienced Edgefield's most vivid local color.

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