14 December 2008

Through the woods

We set out on an 18-hole walk on our local golf course in the middle of the afternoon. The weather's obviously beginning to change. Not as cold as it has been. There's a dampness in the air.

The first nine holes were unobstructed, no golfers. But, several groups were spread out on the back nine. Staying out of their way led us into the woods along the course and gave us an entirely new view of the terrain. Rambling around through the pines, into low-lying groves of a now leafless tree which I couldn't identify, and with my new wreath-making skills yesterday-fresh, noticing vines (they're everywhere) was a simple joy -- and harder walking than we're accustomed to.

I used to envy people their Sunday afternoon leisure. We take advantage of that leisure these days almost jealously. Knowing now what I've been missing for so very long, the envy was a pretty well-chosen response. Trading in envy for gratitude, however, is a calmer way to live.

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