12 December 2008

Of more than one mind

While the American people learned details of Congress' decision not to give the Detroit three many millions of dollars in bridge loans to get them to the first of the year, Tal and I learned that he is allergic to formaldehyde (no, we don't live in a FEMA trailor), managed our financial situation with our financial planner and waded into Sam's on a shopping expedition. These simultaneous activities fascinate me.

  • Although I paid rapt attention to Dr James as she talked to Tal and me about the why of the dermatitis on his hands, I was intensely aware of the aftermath of the decision having been made in the halls and chambers of Congress.
  • While our financial planner explained getting to the bottom of a recession in terms I could actually understand, I couldn't help but notice Tal's hands, wondering what we are using at home in terms of soaps and lotions that contains formaldehyde.
  • Even though I was monitoring our carefully crafted shopping list as we trooped through Sam's, I was considering how to go about finding the information the financial planner needs.

At no time did I feel separated from the current moment. That is, I wasn't only partially present and I didn't interject comment about the other train of thought into what Tal and I were doing. But, there was clearly more than one thing going on in my mind.

Part of being human. Part of the fascinating power of the brain. I wonder why the phenomenon was so strong today.

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