20 December 2008

The last day of autumn

The day began with breakfast, a production including coffee, sausage patties from Cones Meat & Farm in Ridge Spring, a vegetable fritatta and English muffins with strawberry preserves. The conclusion of breakfast brought on a flurry of cleaning up after myself while Tal and his son set off on a fishing trip to a local pond. That soapy process took more time than making the mess and eating the (delicious) meal conbined. Oh well ...

Although this was almost the shortest day of the year, I luxuriated in the fact that the minutes and hours of the day passed slowly. I didn't look up to find it to be 3:00 in the afternoon, an all too often occurance. Instead, today was a day of doing one thing at a time -- the meal, laundry, restarting the guestroom television in advance of a Christmas houseguest, visiting with a former parishioner come calling, some filing and notewriting.

About the time Tal and Bruce returned, happy with their catch, it was time for me to depart for my three-hour stint in the Rocky Shop, Edgefield Regional Arts' pre-Christmas gallery just off the square. Foot traffic there was steady with lots of opportunity for conversation and some reading (the shopkeeper before me left her Sunday edition of The New York Times-- yum!). When I locked the door and headed to the car after 5:00, the evening light was so soft, the Christmas lights on the square and those in the still-open shop windows a offering a satisfying glow.

Ah, this is the way it's supposed to be.

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