10 December 2008

An introspective day

Rain was supposed to arrive here last night. When I awoke in the wee hours of the morning, temporarily sleepless, the nearly-full moon glowed palely through thin clouds, illuminating the water on the pond just well enough for me to enjoy the subtle glimmer. By no means was being awake the worst thing that could have been going on.

By the time Tal and I took that first, almost healing sip of hot coffee shortly before 7:00, however, the rain had begun. And, it rained all day, oftentimes hard, thunder rumbling in the distance, lightening a flicker I wasn't entirely certain I had actaully seen. Tal attempted to watch television after lunch. During intense periods of rain the picture "cubed," DirecTV leaving the air completely several times.

But, what a wonderful day. With only two errands taking us away from home briefly, the better part of the day was quiet. Working on the Christmas cards, catching up entries in Quicken, sorting through the loot I hauled home from yesterday's Ambassadors Tour, preparing for an overnight in Columbia tomorrow -- everything was a pleasure. I wouldn't trade it for anything and, even though the hours passed slowly, the day ended way too soon.

The rain's still coming down. Good sleep awaits.

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