08 December 2008

House cleaning

We hear frequent mention, particularly in the arena of the political, of cleaning house. When politicians are not doing what we would like, we declare that what we need is a good house cleaning. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes that should happen and sometimes it shouldn't.

But, what needs to happen closer to home, here in Edgefield County at 207 Country Club Road to be specific, is underway. I'm cleaning house in earnest. Too frequently the place gets a lick and a promise, to use a phrase I've heard my whole life. A making the place presentable in the shortest possible amount of time. Getting the dog hair up from along the baseboards. Sweeping the porches. Uncovering the kitchen counters. Yes, it gets that bad.

But, today I started. With only a block of time in the middle of the day to work I decided to tackle the bedroom, bath and closet -- and to take my time. Turned out it was enjoyable and sweet. I looked at the photographs I was dusting, felt the contours of the sinks as I washed off the residual soap and whiskers, thought about my great, good fortune as I smoothed sheets and tucked in blankets, looked forward to reading in bed while wiping off the light bulbs in the bedside lamps. Somewhere I'd lost track of gratitude for what surrounds me, for the items I use every day.

By the time an afternoon obligation took me away the area of the day's focus looked pretty nice AND I'd managed to get in the laundry and to sweep the hardwood floors in the rest of the house.

Tomorrow? Polishing the kitchen cabinets will be the primary task. I plan to enjoy that, too.

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