18 December 2008

Receiving a message

Tal and I have gardenias growing under our bedroom windows on the back side of our house. Truth be known, they’re much in need of pruning, having grown rather dramatically higher than the window sills in the four plus years since they were planted. One morning this week Tal brought me a cup of coffee while I was still curled up in bed (a pampered woman, I am) and as we sat and talked I saw not merely gardenia leaves through glass but this.

Tal thinks I’ve gone over some edge and delights in telling me so! Do you happen to see the word “desk,” too?

Never let it be said I don’t accept instruction. As a direct result of my having seen more than mere gardenia leaves through the steam from my coffee, my congested and neglected desk is receiving more than a little attention.

Now that I seem to have taken up reading leaves I wonder what the next message will be.

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