08 September 2008

Nob Hill: the namesake

Portland's Nob Hill, named for San Francisco's well-known district, is our location. To be truthful we're on the edge of Nob Hill, barely. Our hotel for Sunday and Monday nights, a Holiday Inn Express, is situated northwest of Portland's center, near the intersection of US30 and I-405 and just at the beginning of the land's ascent from the Williamette (rhymes with dammit -- Will-am'-mit) River to the Tualatin Mountains. This part of town is also the location of the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition, Portland's first wildly successful fair --and not it's last, and an event from which absolutely no physical evidence remains.

All that is to say that we're here. And, while we experienced no major snaffus in our flights from Columbia to Portland via Houston on Continental Airlines (which still offers beverage service and even fed us on the Houston to Portland portion of the trip), getting here took some doing. Translate that endurance.

Try this addition. 1.50 hours from home to the airport in Columbia; 2 hours in the terminal; 2.5 hours from Columbia to Houston; 4 hours on the ground; 4 hours from Houston to Portland; 1.5 hours to claim our luggage, wait for the Blue Star Bus and make the trip from the airport to the hotel. I get some 15+ hours. We left home between 10:30 and 11:00 on Sunday morning and arrived at the hotel just before midnight. Trick is, by then our bodies were telling us it was 3:00 Monday morning. And they didn't like it one little bit!

But, we've slept well and now, breakfast behind us, we're going for a walk.

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