11 August 2008

Enveloped in fog

We were up this morning mere seconds after the 5:15 alarm. Tal was expecting Bruce at about 6:00 for a morning of fishing and I had to finsh preparing for a golf committee meeting later in the morning.

Feeling good I was definitely plugging along on all cylindars, through finishing the agenda, making copies, organizing packets for committee members. And, the meeting itself, efficient and productive, included moments of imagination and enthusiasm. I actually enjoyed it.

Once home I made lunch our lunch and then simply lost focus. Faded. A fog descended. Productive no longer, all I've managed for the rest of this day is to make myself do one thing followed by another thing, but without any fire at all. Just little tasks. Update Quicken. Wash the dishes. Answer an e-mail. Return a call.

I suppose the last couple of weeks are catching up. Could be a bit of a letdown, especially pulling off the surprise on Saturday with the sibs. But, I wouldn't trade a single day, wouldn't do anything different.

Now, for sleep.

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