19 September 2008

Doing the usual

After lingering over one last breakfast with our Road Scholar group yesterday morning -- and linger we did, Tal and I travelled in a generally eastward direction all day, periodically setting our watches forward to catchup with the world. Flying Continental was again a pleasure with on time departures and even an early, by 20 minutes, arrival in Columbia shortly before 11:00 last night.

And, how good the house looked. All the determined cleaning before setting out on our adventure paid off instantly at the sight of the clean kitchen counter and the parallel vacuum marks in the bedroom carpet. Such good feeling, however, and even with my exhausted state, I slept not one wink once we crawled into bed. I am grateful that so good was the book I started reading in the Portland airport -- Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, curled up on the sofa I read happily until daylight dawned. By nightfall I'll be zombie-like, but the laundry will be done, the mail sorted, the grass cut.

It's good to be back to doing the usual. At least for a while.

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