19 March 2008

Yawning yet?

The sun comes up here every morning! And, it seems I cannot not let it happen without the camera in hand. I'll post only one shot here so as not to send anyone into snooze-land. This is, after all, day three of the "same old same old" and there's always tomorrow.

The photos at the end of this posting were taken after breakfast at the cafe on the Springmaid Pier (the structure invading most of the sunrise shots). I especially like the kitchen sink view. The weather is supposed to be variable today, with a chance of rain and so far the variable part is right on target with fog along the water to the north and stiff ocean breezes.

Our time at this reunion is proving to be very relaxing for both of us. Tal played golf and I attended the ladies' luncheon yesterday. But, we're opting out of evening performances at the local theaters (Legends Monday night and the Opreyland last night). We will be sports and go to the team dinner tonight.

The plan between now and then is to visit my parents at Pawleys Island for lunch.

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