29 March 2008

No home run necessary

As we began working down our list of errands in Aiken yesterday, it seemed as though we were going to strike out.

The UPS distribution center, we learned when we presented ourselves at the counter as instructed, had just the day before sent back the signature-required box that had been brought to our home three times during our absence earlier this month. Thanks. I'll let the sender know to resend once they get it back. Ste-rike one.

After a two-attempt search on Aiken's notorious, slow-moving, accident-inviting, aptly-named Whiskey Road, we located the official Verizon service center only to be informed that the cell phone that won't hold a charge even for a short conversation has a faulty battery, which we could replace for $40.00. Oh, that's OK. Perhaps we'll take the battery out of the cell phone Tal doesn't use and just share the phone. Ste-rike two.

Things turned around after that. We met Tal's brother and sister-in-law for lunch, eating and taking up space in the restaurant for almost two hours. A hit. And, visited our favorite nursery, taking home two 5-gallon weeping willows (salix babylonica). Another hit. The time spent preparing to plant them and actually getting them into the ground on the bank of the pond was tiring and dirty and happy. A line drive!

It seems we had the bases loaded. And we left it at that. Who needs home runs -- or even a score -- when simply plugging away can be so satisfying?

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