01 March 2008

Another beginning

This post is going to amount almost to nothing. Nothing but another beginning, today being March 1st. I am attracted to new beginnings. Always have been. I wonder why it is, though, that beginning on Mondays or on the first day of a month is so attractive to me.

I've been retired four weeks tomorrow. It still feels recent. But, the truth is these weeks have been varied and full: travel, time at home, photography, severa hours work with folks takiing over the tasks I did until four weeks ago, visits with family. While I've not gained my retired sea legs just yet -- that is, I'm not quite sure I know what feeling retired feels like, I am on the verge of claiming home. About time. We've only lived here just shy of four years.

My claiming home is presently taking two basic formats: cleaning one room at a time, deeply and well, and transforming what had been the church office into a softer, more welcoming study. That means clearing the room and paint -- next week's project.

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