12 March 2008

Moved in

After all is said and done, I'm so glad Tal and I tackled the painting project in the office-turned-study. While everything (and I DO mean everything) always takes longer than we anticipate at the outset, the thought that we purchased the paint on Monday, the 3rd, and the room's is fully usable this evening, the 12th, is cause for a sense of great accomplishment. We could have moved along faster, no doubt, but it wasn't a race and we didn't need to hurry for any particular reason.

Had we wanted to avoid the trouble of painting altogether, we could have chosen not to do anything. I would still be writing today -- from an unchanged space and probably somewhat frustrated with myself. I hope I'm not sounding smug. My pleasure here is at getting myself off dead center, thinking about various things I'd like to do and never getting anywhere near them.

So, signing off with a satisfied sigh.

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