17 March 2008

Good morning

With everything I brought on this trip how could I have not ended up with a tripod? What was I thinking? Oh well … Here’s the sight I saw on waking. More magical light! Followed by a little more sleep.

I have a question. Does anyone know how many beach towel shops, miniature golf courses and pancake restaurants there are in Myrtle Beach and environs? After we roused ourselves this morning and discovered that the restaurant here offers only a buffet at breakfast time and that it’s pricey, Tal said he remembered from his Highway Patrol years here on the coast (some 52 years ago) that there was a pancake place nearby. When we started looking, he was astounded -- national, international, world famous, plantation, mammy's, sarah's, omega ... Needless to say, pancakes he did eat!

The reunion crowd is gathering, today’s activities limited to personal choices with no group functions. We have been assigned a spacious room on the 1st floor (2nd level of the hotel) in which to visit, sign up for outings, eat and drink. I’m remembering all the faces but very few of the names. Truly, a bad sign.

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