24 March 2008

Kanuga: Easter respite

As I drove here today I was aware of having been on the coast of South Carolina only yesterday, the Santee delta grasses golden in the morning light, the lowcountry roads built on narrow causeways with swamp close on either side. Today my route on US25 took me through Greenwood, around Greenville proper and into the mountains of the Blue Ridge. The sharp geographic contrast was part of the title of the South Carolina history book the public schools used when I was in grade school -- from the mountains to the sea, my passage across the state in the opposite direction.

It's cold, the temperature on my arrival at roughly 40 degrees. Despite the cold, however, the late afternoon was clear, the sun low, the shadows long, so I struck out on a walk with the camera over my shoulder, only to lose track of time and miss supper. I've no doubt I'll survive the night and will be extra-appreciative of breakfast (and the world famous Kangua toast) when morning comes.

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