13 March 2008

Heave ho

It's Thursday already. Even though daylight savings time began on Sunday, I'm having more trouble adjusting than in previous years. Since my retirement, unless we've needed to be up early for some reason, we've not been setting the alarm, waking pretty much between 6:30 and 7:ooAM. This week? We're still waking with the light -- between 7:30 and 8:00AM! And, the dogs are allowing it!

It's been another focused day despite having slept in. The closet in the study houses the copier, a four-drawer lateral file, office supplies and the like. About a year ago I went through the file drawers and ridded myself of all the sermons I'd ever written. By the end of the day today, the professional files I'd been building since arriving at seminary in the fall of 1989 had met a similar fate. In fact, I brought the trash can in from the garage and when I'd finished I couldn't get it out of the room! Even with a full drawer of our personal files (which will undergo a careful review and cleaning out in the very near future), the filing case went from four full drawers to just over two.

I suppose I could label this time my "decluttering" period. No matter what the name, however, the attendant at the dump is amused by the frequent visits we're making. Lonely he isn't.

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