20 March 2008

First day of spring

Since this morning was our last time to wake up at Springmaid Beach, this will, definitely, be the last early morning shot of the ocean from our room -- taken between 6:30 and 7:00.

It's the first day of spring, the defining feature of the day as it progressed being a howling east-to-west wind and waves powerful enough to have drawn surfers. Still, seeing the day begin from an ocean-front vantage point pulls at me. Is it the ocean? Is it the early light? It is the simple act of paying attention? Perhaps a bit of all three, but it think noticing is probably the most significant possibility of the three.

This year's reunion of the 3rd Army Reserve Rifle Team is over. We ended last evening with a team dinner at a popular restaurant in the vicinity of Barefoot Landing, a development of eating establishments, marinas and shopping where the Inland Waterway parallels US17 north of Myrtle Beach proper. Our plan for the day is to stay out of the wind, if possible, by visiting one of the local malls, to find lunch and to arrive at my parents' home mid-afternoon. Nothing too intense ...

Interestingly, although I am not serving the church this season, that today is Maundy Thursday is not lost on me. In a sense it is more a palpable holy day than it was while I was in the thick of it, leading the liturgy and preaching. The significance of that fact unexplored, I'll simply quote Martha Stewart: it's a good thing.

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